PSW Law – A Place For Young Entrepreneurs

PSW Law was started to give young entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners a place to ask, learn and grow in terms of their ability to come up with and execute on early stage consumer offers. Many times the focus is on websites, technology and apps and the implications of the municipal, provincial and federal law falls by the wayside.

Expect to see lots of content here that will be engaging and useful for people new to business or struggling with the early stages of getting traction. Follow us on social media, and contact us if you have anything to contribute!…


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2016 Legal Recommendations For New Small Businesses

PSW Law realizes almost every business whether they are new or established can have frustrations and problems understanding the regulations, bookkeeping needs and keeping up with paperwork in general.

We’ve helped businesses all across Eastern Ontario from movers in Sudbury to mold removal companies in Ottawa with their legal issues, questions and bookkeeping needs and will be posting more and more content in the coming months. The majority of small businesses fail within 3 years due to cashflow issues and a part of addressing this problem is becoming more knowledgeable on how you ┬ácan save money with your accounting and bookkeeping costs.…