Know All About NAFTA before Applying for a Work Permit

In search for the liberalization of trade and remove the trade barriers among them Canada signed an agreement with the USA and Mexico which is known as the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA. The agreement opened up the markets of the three countries and ensured that future law changes would not affect the environment of trade among these countries. Still, getting a work permit in NAFTA can become a bit tricky. Immigration lawyer in Toronto can help you with the legal problems of getting the work permit. The Labor market impact Assessment is not required to get a work permit under NAFTA. But the applicants are needed to fit in all the provisions related to their short term work permit in Canada.

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About the Policy

The economy of each and every country needed the business to expand. In order to do that it often becomes necessary to sell the products or services of one country to another. NAFTA just provides provision for this by providing temporary entry permit to the business persons. This is reciprocal for the citizens of Canada as well.  They can easily get short term work permit in wither Mexico or USA if they have a business purpose. The details of such legal issues can be made clear by the professionals of Immigration lawyer in Toronto.


There was a free trade agreement in place before the NAFTA came. To broaden the scopes of business the Canada and the USA wanted Mexico to join the band and thus crafted NAFTA. The free trade agreement was suspended after NAFTA was enforced. The NAFTA only works for the entry for the individuals who are coming for some business purposes and do not want to stay at the country for a long period of time. The list business individuals who can apply for work permit under NAFTA can be found in the visa related website of Canada.

What NAFTA Does Not Do

Application for the purpose of permanent admission cannot be done through NAFTA. The general provision that deals with deals with foreign workers cannot be overruled by NAFTA. The permanent residents of the three countries can not apply permit through NAFTA. There are a lot of other provisions that the NAFTA does not satisfy. To know about those provisions contact professionals of Immigration lawyer in Toronto.

Who Is Covered By NAFTA?

Only the citizens of the three countries are covered by the NAFTA.  To know which parts of your country is covered by the NAFTA contact the Immigration lawyer in Toronto immediately.

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Admission Decisions

All available procedures for short term entry should be kept in mind at the time of the application assessment. The Mexican or American Citizen who is not covered by the NAFTA might qualify under the general rules which are applicable for the short term workers. The officials should make any decision regarding the admission keeping in mind that the ease of doing business was the primary, motto for NAFTA. If you are want to know more information related to NAFTA work permit, contact Immigration lawyer in Toronto immediately. Read more on why should go to Canada as a skilled worker!

The Different DUI Offences

DUI which stands for Driving under the Influence (DUI) is considered to be a serious legal offence. If you or your loved one has been charged of DUI, you must be aware that the legal process is very difficult to handle. As the DUI laws are a bit complex, it would be better if one take the help of DUI lawyer Toronto. The lawyers being highly skilled can easily help their clients to navigate through the legal process.

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Take the Help of Experts

As you might be well aware of the fact that the DUI laws are bit complicated, one needs to have a proper idea about the different types of offenses. Once one gets well-versed with the DUI offences, one gets to know how it can affect them or not.

Well, studies have shown that there are several types of DUI cases and depending on the seriousness of the case, punishment is provided. For instance, for a first time DUI offense a person might receive less harsh statement. However, it won’t be the case for a second time DUI offense. Now, take a look into the different type of DUI offences in details.


According to DUI lawyer Toronto, a DUI felony can arise if the accused person’s drunk driving results in an accident with another vehicle or a person. The sentence associated with felony can be one year or more prison term. Sometimes, restoration of the accident victim can be asked. Similarly, carrying a revoked license and still committing DUI can force a person to get charged of felony DUI.

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When a person is charged for driving under the influence of alcohol, it would be considered as a misdemeanor; especially if it is the first offense. The length of punishment can vary, such as different jail term and fine. However, it won’t lead to the loss of civil rights.

Aggravated DUI

A DUI charge can get worse if the accused person is found to break the law in one or more ways. For instance, DUI lawyer Toronto states that if a person is found to be speeding while driving under the influence of a substance, then the person might be charged for an aggravated DUI.

Drunk Biking

A DUI offense is also applicable in case a person is found to be driving a bike or bicycle while remaining intoxicated.

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Drugged Driving

DUI lawyer Toronto states that a person might be considered to be guilty of DUI, in case they are found to be guilty at the time of arrest.  As it is not easy to check if a person is under the influence of drugs or not, law enforcement authorities can charge a lawyer on the grounds of impairment.

Commercial DUI Laws

If one is charged of drinking at work, it can be very disastrous. However, if one’s job needs to drive then it’s important to follow the DUI regulations. DUI attorneys state that it’s better if one tries to avoid drinking while driving. Being charged for being drunk can lead to the loss of license of transport vehicle drivers.

For a DUI lawyer Toronto, any kind of DUI charge calls for a jail term and fine. Hence, when you are facing a DUI charge always take the help of a professional attorney.

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