DUI Limits

If you are planning for a night out and do not know whether to drive or take a cab then you should read this blog. You need to remember that if you take alcohol, it might slow you down a little. As a matter of fact, it might also have an effect on the response of the body. Thus, driving becomes unsafe during this time. This will put you and other at the risk of accidents.

DUI lawyer Toronto states that Alcohol limits and driving penalties have been introduced to make sure that you drive safely on the roads. You will be surprised by the number of road accidents that take place every year.

How can Alcohol Affect Driving?

A majority of the functions that you might depend on for driving safely are affected when you consume alcohol. For instance,

  • The brain is going to take longer to get the message from the eye
  • Instructions sent to the body muscles are delayed which leads to slower action
  • Process the information turns out to be really difficult

As a matter of fact, you might also experience double and blurred vision. Thus, you will not be able to see things in a clear manner when you are driving. Moreover, you will be able to take prospective dangerous risks since you can act on the urges which you usually repress.

How will You be Tested for Drinking?

As per DUI lawyer Toronto, even negligible quantity of alcohol might have an effect on the ability to drive.  The best advice is to avoid alcohol when you are driving. In case the police want to check if you are over the drinking limit then you will have to go through a screening breath test.  For this, they are going to use the breathalyzer.

In case you do not take this or if the police have some other proof that your driving was impaired by drinking then you will be taken to the police station for the final breath test says DUI lawyer Toronto. At the station, you will have to give two or more specimens of breath in the complex breathalyzer. The lower of the two readings is used for deciding whether you have been over the drink driving limit.

What the Punishment if You Get Caught for Drinking?

DUI lawyer Toronto mentions that drunk drivers face a lot of punishment for their offence. If someone is caught over the legal alcohol limit then their driving license will be taken from them. Moreover, you might also be sent to prison for about six months. The penalty and the fine will depend on the gravity of the offense.

In case you get caught for drunk driving, you can take the help of the DUI lawyer Toronto. They are aware of all the complex procedures. You will be able to get the best advice from the lawyers.  They have adequate knowledge about the problems pertaining to the changes which might come under DUI. Another significant advantage that you will be able to enjoy is that they will review all the papers of each and every procedure. Thus, they will find out the inaccurate documents which might weaken the case. This way you will have a high chance to win the case.