The Different DUI Offences

DUI which stands for Driving under the Influence (DUI) is considered to be a serious legal offence. If you or your loved one has been charged of DUI, you must be aware that the legal process is very difficult to handle. As the DUI laws are a bit complex, it would be better if one take the help of DUI lawyer Toronto. The lawyers being highly skilled can easily help their clients to navigate through the legal process.

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Take the Help of Experts

As you might be well aware of the fact that the DUI laws are bit complicated, one needs to have a proper idea about the different types of offenses. Once one gets well-versed with the DUI offences, one gets to know how it can affect them or not.

Well, studies have shown that there are several types of DUI cases and depending on the seriousness of the case, punishment is provided. For instance, for a first time DUI offense a person might receive less harsh statement. However, it won’t be the case for a second time DUI offense. Now, take a look into the different type of DUI offences in details.


According to DUI lawyer Toronto, a DUI felony can arise if the accused person’s drunk driving results in an accident with another vehicle or a person. The sentence associated with felony can be one year or more prison term. Sometimes, restoration of the accident victim can be asked. Similarly, carrying a revoked license and still committing DUI can force a person to get charged of felony DUI.

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When a person is charged for driving under the influence of alcohol, it would be considered as a misdemeanor; especially if it is the first offense. The length of punishment can vary, such as different jail term and fine. However, it won’t lead to the loss of civil rights.

Aggravated DUI

A DUI charge can get worse if the accused person is found to break the law in one or more ways. For instance, DUI lawyer Toronto states that if a person is found to be speeding while driving under the influence of a substance, then the person might be charged for an aggravated DUI.

Drunk Biking

A DUI offense is also applicable in case a person is found to be driving a bike or bicycle while remaining intoxicated.

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Drugged Driving

DUI lawyer Toronto states that a person might be considered to be guilty of DUI, in case they are found to be guilty at the time of arrest.  As it is not easy to check if a person is under the influence of drugs or not, law enforcement authorities can charge a lawyer on the grounds of impairment.

Commercial DUI Laws

If one is charged of drinking at work, it can be very disastrous. However, if one’s job needs to drive then it’s important to follow the DUI regulations. DUI attorneys state that it’s better if one tries to avoid drinking while driving. Being charged for being drunk can lead to the loss of license of transport vehicle drivers.

For a DUI lawyer Toronto, any kind of DUI charge calls for a jail term and fine. Hence, when you are facing a DUI charge always take the help of a professional attorney.