One of the reasons that many people decide not to seek legal advice is that they think lawyers are expensive. This is not necessarily true. When you have a legal problem, a good lawyer can watch out for you and protect you from being taken advantage of; a good lawyer can also explore the most cost effective options available to resolve your case.

In fact, most people are unfamiliar with the legal process. Just like going to a foreign country, if you are only staying for a short period of time, you may be better off with a good tour guide than with learning the whole country by yourself. A good lawyer is like a good tour guide, he or she can take you where you want to go and bring you home safely.

Although my rate often depends on the complexity of the matter and efforts required to resolve the issues, the standard rate is $275 per hour, plus applicable taxes. A monetary retainer is required before work can be commenced.

A properly handled case is often cheaper than an improperly handled one in the end. I invite you to book an appointment with me to explore the options of your case.

The costs of notary public services are $50.00 for the first document and $25.00 for each subsequent document. Taxes are not included.

To book an appointment, click on “Contact” and fill out the forms. I will respond within 2 business days. Alternatively, call me at 416 433 5531. Please note that, because of regulations, I cannot provide legal advice over the phone or via email.

We gladly accept Legal Aid Certificates.

We accept cheques, cash, Visa and Mastercards.